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Bridges of london

I don’t know exactly how many bridges the heroes of Jerome K. Jerome’s book “Three in a Boat” sailed, but I counted at least 4 bridges that already existed then: Chelsea Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and Tower Bridge. These four and seven more bridges cross the River Thames, flowing through the city.

Built in 1916, it became London’s first tramway bridge. At the edges of the bridge are bronze figures representing Agriculture, Architecture, Fine Arts, Education and Science. An illustration of the creative principle of man is the Tate Art Gallery, built to decorate the bridge. The gallery received its first 65 paintings from the aristocracy of the 20th century. Today in the halls of the gallery are thousands of paintings and sculptures, a real national collection from the Renaissance to the present day.

Four pineapples engraved in memory of John Tradescant, the court landscape painter of King Charles I. John Tradescant was the famous gardener who first brought pineapples to England on four peaks of the bridge. On one of the banks of the river, the Lambeth Palace, the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, majestically rises.

Tourists visit Westminster Bridge especially often, largely due to the night view of the St. Stephen’s Tower, which houses the world famous Big Ben, the Congress Palace and two towers of Westminster Abbey, shining with a magical golden and green glow. This tower, despite its simple appearance, has been standing here for 150 years.

Waterloo Bridge, a grandiose construction that opens up one of the most beautiful views of the city, was designed by Lord Gilles Gilbert Scott. It was built of reinforced concrete and stone during World War II – which is noteworthy, the workers were women. Crossing the Thames between the Blackfriars and Hungerford bridges, Waterloo Bridge is a pedestrian and road bridge. The bridge got its name in honor of the Battle of Waterloo, when Britain defeated Napoleon’s army in 1815.

Do not miss the magnificent view from the Waterloo Bridge! In the west you will have a unique view of Westminster and the largest Ferris wheel in the world, the London Eye, in the east – the Canary Shipyard and City – the business center of London.

It got its name from the monastery of the 13th century, but was built in the 19th century, more precisely – in 1869, when it connected the two banks of the Thames. The bridge offers a magnificent view of the Cathedral of St. Paul and the old center of London, on the left and right banks of the river you will discover the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. On the right bank, as in a parade, dozens of monuments lined up with the world of theater, cinema, and great performances were lined up.

London bridge
The history of the bridge begins in the era of Roman conquest, the first century AD, when the capital of England was called Londinium.

Around 1179, King Henry II ordered the construction of a new bridge. Half of it was to occupy a chapel dedicated to St. Thomas Beckett. In those dark times, on the ledges of the bridge exhibited the heads of traitors.
Compared to other bridges in London, London Bridge has the highest throughput.

Tower Bridge
As the name implies, the Tower Bridge symbolically refers to the world famous Tower of London, which is not far away. Tower Bridge – the emblem of London. The bridge consists of two towers and two movable parts between them. Each of the mobile parts weighing 1,000 tons can fully rise in just a minute and a half.

Built in 1886-1894, the Tower Bridge immediately became one of the main London attractions, thanks in large part to its galleries, which show the history of its construction and drawings of ingenious mechanisms that set the bridge in motion.

Be sure to discover the uniqueness and charm of London bridges!

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