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Woman Traveler in India: Safety Above All!

It is said that India is a country of extremes. A country of unearthly beauty – and at the same time very dirty. Nature, where there is no soul – and the city with the most dense traffic. Rich people own countless treasures, and the poor literally swell with hunger. Actresses in Indian films are seductive, but at the same time it’s more conservative to look for a country in India!
It is because of this conservatism that women traveling to rest or work in India should learn the Indian social norms and learn about Indian culture so that the trip there becomes as safe as possible.

Women tourists come to India every year. Most of them respect the native customs, but there are those who, out of ignorance or negligence, behave and dress in a manner shocking the Indians. This not only affects the attitude of the local population towards you, but can also pose a threat to your security.

Here’s what you need to know about a woman going on a trip to magical India.


The way you dress determines the attitude of the local population towards you. By choosing the right clothing style, you can protect yourself from unnecessary abuse. Tight skirts, skirts above the knees, T-shirts on the straps, shorts and bikinis in India are absolutely not approved. In beach resorts (for example, in Goa) bathing suits are acceptable. But you should give preference to conservative closed models. If you do not sunbathe, or chat with the locals, put on a sarong and a T-shirt. Cotton shirts with short sleeves are acceptable, but they should be loose rather than tight-fitting. In general, watch the local girls and dress a little more conservatively than the most liberal local option.

It’s nice to go shopping immediately upon arrival and get something national: a shawl, scarf or blouse.


In general, single women in India have a rather high level of risk. Care should be taken about personal safety and the safety of your property.

To avoid sexual harassment, cross your arms in front of you in public transport or in crowded places. It is better not to start conversations that can be regarded as flirting or self-interest. Avoid personal questions addressed to you. If you are traveling alone or with a girlfriend, invent a non-existent husband and clearly let us know that besides him, nobody interests you. Avoid situations in which you can be alone with a man. To take a taxi or go on a tour, cooperate with other tourists. Under no circumstances should a man enter your room – even if this is the receptionist!

If someone is trying to draw you into a sexual relationship, and you are not tuned in to them, firmly refuse and get out of this situation as quickly as possible. If you do not mind – clearly find out what each of you wants. A romantic story – or just one night sex? Know what they are trying to drag you into – and practice safe sex. Remember that in terms of the number of HIV-infected, India is in second place in the world (behind South Africa)!

In addition to your honor, your property may suffer. Danger number two: thieves.

If you have several bags, pull them together with a single tape or cord. The belt should always be thrown over your shoulder. Do not store money in one place: it’s a good idea to make a “nest egg” and hide it under clothes.

There is a danger of hidden theft. Hotel clerks, taxi drivers and salespeople can easily count you short. Specify in advance the cost of services or goods before paying. At the hotel, find out in advance whether breakfast and air conditioning are included in the price. Study all accounts: sometimes they enter services that you did not use.


Do not bring many things with you – for the same safety. Bus and train are the most convenient modes of transport in India, and when you have a few things, it will be easier to get out of an unpleasant situation, or not to attract too much attention. The ideal option is a suitcase on wheels, optionally turning into a backpack. With a backpack it’s convenient to travel in the wild, but at the hotel you will be treated more respectfully if your luggage looks like luggage and not like a shoulder bag.

In India, a woman may face a more derogatory attitude than what she is used to at home. However, if you dress and behave correctly, you will get the maximum pleasure from traveling to this amazing country.

Woman Traveler in India: Safety Above All!
It is said that India is a country of extremes. A country of unearthly beauty - and at the same time very dirty. Nature, where there is no soul -…


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