English life in nuances
Before you go to England you need to learn as much as possible about the habits and traditions of the inhabitants of Misty Albion. In a word, today we will…

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How to overcome your fear - practical tips
Look at the tiger in the cage. Do you think he lives well? They feed him, take care of him, treat him, protect ... But we sympathize with the tiger,…

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How to save on airfare
To begin with, I’ll clarify that these recommendations are suitable for everyone who wants to buy a cheap plane ticket. It does not matter where and for what purpose you…

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9 of the scariest tourist spots on earth

Halloween is not coming soon. But why wait so long to tickle your nerves and “inject” adrenaline into the blood? We bring to your attention a list of the most terrible, in our opinion, tourist places on earth. Have a good trip!

1. Museum of the History of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA
The Museum of the History of Medicine in Philadelphia is the largest collection of pathologies, medical equipment and biological products. The museum is also known for its huge collection of human skulls. There are a number of unique exhibits: for example, the corpse of a woman who turned into soap due to the specific composition of the soil in the cemetery where he was buried. In addition, Siamese twins with one liver for two, the skeleton of a two-headed child and other frightening exhibits.

Lagoon of sunken ships 2. Lagoon of sunken ships in Micronesia
A significant part of the Japanese navy of the Second World War is now at the bottom of a shallow sea lagoon in Micronesia. The waters investigated in 1971 by Jacques Cousteau are full of the remains of ships and aircraft. Currently, the lagoon has become accessible to divers, but many are afraid that the souls of the dead Japanese pilots and sailors are still serving. Vessels and aircraft have long been rooted in coral reefs, but the number of curious tourists is growing.

3. The Sonora Magic Market, Mexico
Here, for just $ 10, Mexican witches offer a way to get rid of poverty or bring back a lover. Cages with iguanas, frogs and wild birds are everywhere hung on the market, which is open not only to locals, but also to pilgrims and tourists from different countries who came here to predict their fate or to be cured of the disease. If you decide to go to the market to buy some rattlesnake blood or dried hummingbirds, then remember: witchcraft in Mexico is a serious matter. The local association of magicians even magically intervened in the presidential election to be fair.

4. Easter Island, Chile
One of the most mysterious places on the planet is Easter Island with its centuries-old stone idols. Only they know where those who created them have gone. And no one except them knows how it was possible to transport, process and install such huge blocks of stone. The secrets of the once prosperous civilization have sunk into oblivion.

5. The Munchak Swamp in Louisiana, USA
Long strings of lichens hang here from the ancient cypress trees, touching the heads of tourists floating on a boat. And the howling sound made by the swamp is attributed to the local werewolf. Swamp Manchak is considered a “swamp of ghosts”. They say that he was cursed by a voodoo sorceress at the beginning of the 20th century, when a hurricane destroyed several villages in the area. Until now, from the depths of the swamp to the surface of the corpses. In other matters, this does not happen too often. Fearing here is more likely to alligators who are not averse to eating fresh tourist meat.

Paris Catacombs 6. Paris catacombs
The walls are lined with bones and skulls, as if it were some kind of warehouse. The air is cold and damp. On the walls are inscriptions from the time of the French Revolution, made overthrown and stitched to rot in the dungeons by nobles. Once here, you will understand why Victor Hugo chose these black spots as the scene of his novels. The length of the dungeons is about 200 kilometers, they pass under the entire city. Only part of the dungeons is open to the public. It is said that the remaining sections are patrolled by a special underground police force or even legions of the undead. During the Roman Empire, stone was mined here. And when in 1785 Parisian cemeteries were full, the former quarries found better use.

7. Winchester House in San Jose, California
Numerous legends and scary stories are associated with this huge building. They say that Sarah Winchester, the owner of a large arms company, built this house to hide from the souls of people killed with her rifles and pistols. The construction of the house began in 1884 and lasted 38 years. According to the guides, all 160 rooms of the house are literally teeming with ghosts. Guests always complain about the doors opening on their own, steps at night and other mysterious phenomena. Even those who do not believe in ghosts say that the atmosphere in the house is oppressive.

8. Dead End Mary King Edinburgh
Several streets in the old part of Edinburgh keep scary secrets. The place where they locked up and left the victims of the plague to die, is known for its ghosts. Something invisible as if touching the hands and feet of passers-by. They say that this is the ghost of a little girl Annie, who was left here by her parents in 1645. The dead end Mary King very quickly became a favorite venue for all sorts of scary stories, and a century after the epidemic, a new large building was built here. In 2003, a dead end was opened for tourists.

9. Thelema Abbey in Sicily
English writer Alistair Crowley is arguably one of the most famous occultists in history. The abbey building served as the site of his satanic orgies. At least, this was believed in the 20s of the XX century.

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