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How to save on airfare

To begin with, I’ll clarify that these recommendations are suitable for everyone who wants to buy a cheap plane ticket. It does not matter where and for what purpose you plan to go: on a business trip or on vacation. The main thing is that you can buy a cheap air ticket anyway, if you know how.

Useful life hacks for buying cheap plane tickets
He who gets up early gives heaven luck. This saying applies to tickets. The sooner you plan your flight, the more likely you are to buy a cheap ticket. Of course, you can buy a ticket cheaply and a few days before departure. But this is only if you are lucky to buy a “burning”.

But in order not to hope for a chance, buy a ticket in advance. You can monitor prices for a week. It happens that carriers put up very advantageous offers. But do not tighten. A holy place is never empty, everything good is quickly taken apart.

Second life hack – choose unloaded days and hours of departure. Speaking of days, then choose Sunday. On Saturday, everyone wants to return home in advance of workdays, so the popularity of flights is increasing.

As for the clock, Sunday morning is beneficial for the wallet upon departure. Less can be paid for a plane ticket and in the afternoon on weekdays. More precisely, from Monday lunch to Thursday lunch.

The third life hack is not an airport of primary importance. If you don’t really care where to fly, then choose a small airport. There are many of those. For example, Palma de Mallorca in Spain, instead of Barcelona and Madrid or Strasbourg in France, instead of Charles de Gaulle Airport.

What knowledge can still be useful if you want to buy cheap plane tickets:

Book at night. When most sleep, prices are lower.
Do not change the reservation conditions. This may result in additional costs. It is better to immediately check all the information on the ticket.
If you suddenly realized, and a cheap plane ticket was needed “just yesterday”, then check for charter flights. There may be the same “last minute deals”.
Flying with transplants is not very convenient and longer, but more affordable.
Use the offers of low-cost airlines. These are economy carriers that offer the lowest airfare.
Where to buy cheap airline tickets online
Now about the main thing. Where to find the tickets themselves. The most important assistant in this matter will be the Internet. On the World Wide Web there is simply a “carriage and trolley” of the most diverse sites. But so that you do not delve into this heap, I offer the most convenient and reliable.

If you want to buy a cheap airline ticket online, I advise you to go to the Skyscanner website first. The beauty of the service is that it compares the prices of carriers. And you can choose the cheapest ticket.

There is one drawback. The low cost of a ticket price must be checked on the website of the carrier itself. Not always, but it also happens that the prices on the SkyScanner and the official website of the carrier are slightly different.

I do not miss the moment that when I monitored the price, the Skyscanner simply hung up, and the prices did not synchronize on time. Therefore, it is impossible to say 100% about the discrepancy, but you better double-check.

The rest of the service is just a godsend. You can select all the airports of the country and its cities, see where it is cheaper and more convenient to take off and land. If you look not at a specific airport, but throughout the city, then the chances of savings increase.

You can buy a cheap round-trip plane ticket. By the way, the price of a one-way and two-way ticket can also be different. In sum, it can turn out cheaper and it is important to remember this.

For a comfortable search for cheap flights, there is one more thing. Her name is a calendar of low prices. This is for those who do not know when and where to fly, and are looking through options. I advise you to look there. The calendar will show when you can buy cheap flights to India or Thailand, and when it is profitable to go to Poland or Norway.

What other services are there for convenient search for cheap flights on the Internet:

Momondo – helps you find and compare not only plane tickets, but also hotels, as well as car rental.
Google Flights. Yes, the search giant can also show available offers, as well as send you a report on price changes.
E-BILET is a simple site that collects data from about 500 air carriers.

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