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How to get compensation for canceled or delayed flights

Stories when a flight is canceled or delayed are not isolated. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with your rights and be sure that you can demand not only monetary compensation, but also a number of bonuses for the inconvenience provided to you.

Fortunately, I never waited at the airport. And I wish you to always fly on time and without problems. But, unfortunately, cases of delay, or even cancellation of a flight, happen quite often.

Take at least the latest news about tourists stuck on vacation or those who could not fly there. The mood is spoiled, money is lost, and time can not be returned. You don’t wish anyone like that, but if you still find yourself in a similar situation, you should know your rights.

What you need to know if your flight is delayed
Always remember that the first ones who can help you are airport employees, an airline company and a travel agency if you booked a tour with him. If you bought tickets yourself, then all responsibility is on the air carrier.

But, if we take into account the latest trials with travel agencies, it is recalled that they still wanted to shove all the responsibility onto the air carrier.

If the flight is delayed by an hour, then wait. This is not critical. But if you have been waiting at the airport for more than three hours, then it’s time to get the support of the airline, which gives you inconvenience.

You can check with the air carrier how long the flight will be delayed and why it was canceled, and also strongly ask for the provision of services while you wait.

What kind of goodies are relied upon in case of flight delay
If the flight is delayed for more than two hours, then you are entitled to soft drinks and snacks, as well as 2 phone calls.
If you are with a child, you should be given a room for parents with children under 7 years old.
If the flight is delayed for 4 hours, then relies on hot meals.
If more than 6 hours – a hotel and a transfer to it and back to the airport.
What if the air carrier does not provide such services? Pay everything with your own funds, but keep all the checks. Then you can claim compensation for them.

If the flight is canceled
We find out who is to blame. In order not to remain extreme, you need to check your mail daily 3 weeks before the flight. After all, if the flight is canceled, then they should warn about this 2 weeks before departure. If you have not received any notifications, claim compensation.

You must either return the ticket price or offer a different route. If the alternative route does not suit you, and you have refused, then the ticket price and the amount of compensation must be returned within 7 days.

If the replacement option is right for you, but this departure is the next day, the carrier must also provide a hotel room, transfer and meals.

What services to use for compensation
Such services are not very many, but they are still there. And if the air carrier refuses to pay compensation and provide all the necessary services, then contact the specialists online.

The first online compensation service – AirAdvisor. There, all procedures take place online, and applications can be submitted over the past three years. Created by a group of lawyers. And this is very good. You do not have to file a lawsuit, in the worst case. They will do everything for you, and for services they will pay 25% of the amount received.

You can also use the online service Compensair. There you can check the flight, find out the amount of compensation that is due to you and get it. For convenience, the site has a calculator for calculating the amount of compensation for delayed or canceled flights. These guys also have a commission for services of 25%.

Some may not want to share compensation with such services. But it’s better to calculate how much it will cost you to pay lawyers in court if the air carrier refuses to peacefully resolve the issue.

How to get compensation for canceled or delayed flights
To do this, you must have all the necessary documents on hand. What papers need to be collected and what you need to know:

Copy of the passport.
Boarding pass, tickets and other travel documents.
Flight information: route, number and date. A booking number is also useful.
You must know the reasons for the cancellation or delay of the flight.
Record your arrival time at your destination.
Take a photo of the schedule board.
Save all receipts if you paid for meals and accommodation yourself during the delay.
Try to get a certificate of a flight problem from the carrier.
Record confirmation of flight delay or cancellation from an independent source.
How to get compensation for canceled or delayed flights

Until you receive compensation, do not sign any papers that may indicate a rejection of the claim and compensation. Do not pass all documents that confirm the problem to anyone until the issue is resolved. Attach copies.

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