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The most romantic places to travel

There are a lot of different corners on our planet. Some are suitable for lovers of strange architecture, others delight surfers, and others – lovers of skiing. Today I will tell you about places that are saturated with a romantic atmosphere and are suitable for couples in love, as well as those who simply love beauty and grace.

Sometimes I just want to go far, far and turn off the phone. I think this desire visited if not all, then every second. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of silence, tranquility and just relax surrounded by beauty.

By the way, such trips are good not only for the soul, but also for the brain. They inspire, allow you to escape from negative thoughts, think about the pleasant. The brain is resting and after the trip begins to work several times more efficiently. What other trips improve brain function, I wrote earlier. And now back to the places for romantics and dreamy personalities.

What places are considered the most romantic
First, we divide the places into common locations. The most romantic are:

The beaches of exotic islands.
Narrow streets of European cities with cozy coffee houses.
Lakes in the mountains.
More specifically, you can make a list of places that appreciated the romance:
Paris, France

By right, Paris in France deserves special attention. Everyone knows the phrase: “See Paris and die.” But I believe that Paris should be visited very briefly. And after that – do not end your travels in any case. After all, there is so much beauty in the world!

As for Paris, it has long been considered a city of love and romance. But as for me, it is best to spend a romantic evening with wine and cheese, looking at the Eiffel Tower. During the day there are many tourists, and all the charm disappears.

Prague, Czech Republic

Ancient streets, cozy coffee houses and castles entwined with legends. This is exactly what the soul needs romance. Millions of tourists come to Prague every year. Some are not the first time. This is not surprising, because even visiting this city again, you can discover its new part.

Butterfly Valley

The name of this place speaks for itself. And if you think that it is at the edge of the world – do not worry. This is Turkey, or rather a bay in the Fethiye area. Conditionally: between Antalya and Marmaris. It is just a paradise with turquoise sea water between two rocks.

Butterfly Valley in Rhodes

Another Butterfly Valley is located on the neighboring Greek island of Rhodes. This is a whole reserve with bridges and waterfalls. Despite the name, the valley is not there. This is a cool gorge. But then there are butterflies, and there are just thousands of them.

Königssee Lake, Germany

We transfer from the heat to the cool of the Bavarian mountains. Trees and the church of St. Bartholomew, which was built in the XII century, are reflected in the crystal clear water. On the top of the hills there are benches that offer just insanely beautiful views.

This place does not lose its charm all year round, but in all its glory it appears to tourists in the winter, when snow-white snow-capped hills come in contact with a dark blue lake. They say that if you get to the right time in the fall, you can see the whole palette of colors in the foliage of trees.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

If you want the spirit to be breathtaking and time to lose its meaning, then you should go to the harsh Scottish archipelago. At one time, National Geographic recognized it as one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

Everything is really beautiful on this island. But there is one place that is worth visiting in the first place. This is a nearly centenary Neist Point lighthouse on a cliff. Here you will be left alone with vast expanses and forget about everything. Getting to it is a bit problematic. Therefore, it is worth renting a car, parking is available nearby.

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