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The most atmospheric places where famous movies were filmed

The worlds invented by the scriptwriters are not as far away as they seem. Often they can even be visited. Where to go to find out a scene from your favorite movie in the city? There are a lot of such places.

One of the most popular new generation TV shows is Game of Thrones. Most likely, the spectacular scenes would not have turned out so realistic if not for one “but”. The creators of the film decided that most of the filming should not be on a green screen, but in real terrain.

Which cities have become the platform for shooting the most popular scenes from the Game of Thrones
Ward Castle, County Down, Northern Ireland
Verdale Palace, Malta
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Ait Ben Haddou, Morocco
Vic, Iceland
Gryoutayau, Iceland
Swinafelsjokull Glacier, Iceland
Peniscola, Castellon, Spain
And now let’s go a little more in detail on some places. Ward Castle is the very famous Stark residence, Winterfell. Want to learn how to shoot from an bow and see the forest, where the lute-wolves live? Then to you here.

Where did the former dynasty of the Targaryen kings live after escaping from Westeros? This is the Verdal Palace. In reality, he serves as the representative of the President of Malta. But in the series, in his Busket gardens, Daenerys first saw Khal Drogo.

The Royal Harbor Gardens are nothing more than the arboretum in Croatian Dubrovnik. Unusual plants from around the planet have been gathered there since the 15th century. A variety of beautiful flowers and a cliff beyond which only the Adriatic Sea inspired the creators of the series to the most beautiful locations.

Royal Harbor Gardens

The incredibly rich city of Yunkai is Ait Ben Haddu. The city itself has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 20 years. Previously, its walls could be seen in the “Gladiator”. And in the third season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys freed the city from slavery.

The village of Vic in Iceland in the series was renamed East Watch. It was there that the wild people came in order to sell furs or amber to the military of the Night Watch.

Vic village in Iceland

The name of the Gryoutayau cave is not easy to pronounce. But just remember that this is exactly the place where Snow and Igritt swam. Today, hundreds of tourists come there every day, and the calm is in the morning.

But if you wanted to find out where the Fist of the first people is located, then you are on a glacier with the bizarre name of Svinafelsjökull. There Snow and Kuoren Semuruky were captured by the Wild.

Where to find Mierin with its small streets? Go to the fortified city of Peniscola, in the province of Castellon. This is the very Mierin.

The second cult film of several generations – “Sherlock Holmes”. True, today several new films were shot with the famous character of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books. But I will talk about the most popular scenes.

One of the most exciting, of course, is the battle between Sherlock and Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls. It would seem that the scene should be shot in the Alps, at this very waterfall. But in the old version of the film about Sherlock, the battle takes place in Abkhazia, near the Gegsky (Circassian) waterfall.

Victoria and Paddington stations are the favorite destinations for the famous detective. Victoria Station in the film is Vitebsky Station in St. Petersburg, the oldest railway station in Russia.

Victoria and Paddington Stations

Where in Ukraine filmed films
The popular “Wii” was filmed in one of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine – Chernigov Uspensky.
The Khotyn fortress in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine served as a battlefield with the Poles and the place of execution of Ostap in the film “Taras Bulba”.
“D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” filmed in Lviv. In the Podgoretsky castle, the queen had to present the king with the pendants he had presented. And the ball at Cardinal Richelieu was shot in the House of Scientists. Desho Monastery is an old Armenian cathedral, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Where were the most sensational films made?
Want to visit Mars without leaving Earth? Then you are on the set of filming “Martian” with Matt Damon in the title role. The film, the creation of which was spent more than $ 100 million, of course, was not shot in space.

The main scenes were filmed in the sultry Jordan, the Wadi Rum desert. She previously served as a platform for filming Star Wars.
Other locations for the film were the deserts of Nevada and the canyons of Arizona.
Arizona Canyons

Many fans of Leonardo DiCaprio, with bated breath, waited for when he finally received an Oscar. And this happened in 2016 for the best actor in the movie “Survivor.”

Thus, the unexplored Wild West for the hunter Hugh Glass was served in reality by the oldest Banff National Park in Canada.

To visit the distant planet Pandora, as in the “Martian”, there is no need to plow the space. It is enough to take a ticket to China. There you can visit the unique Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan.

When the clouds fall on Mount Jiankunzhu, the visitor opens the very Pandora from the movie “Avatar” by the talented director James Cameron. The landscape is simply unreal. Stone mountains-pillars that go to the sky; gorges where endangered species of animals and stone bridges live.

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