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The Gene of Adventurism: To Whom to Travel, and Who Should Be Hard to Rise

“A man, like a tree, he is from here and nowhere else,” wise Boris Grebenshchikov sang.

“The people created an exact and figurative word, and gave it a well-meaning figurative meaning:“ tumbleweed ”is an unsociable, restless person, unable to find a haven anywhere, an eternal wanderer,” said the scientist and writer Eduard Vartanyan.

These types of people often oppose each other, do not understand each other, cannot find a common language and compromise … They, like “owls” and “larks”, each lives in his own tunnel of reality and only in them is comfortable – every sandpiper praises his swamp .

Who is who – easy to understand:

“Tree Man”, sedentary, homebody, heavy to climb. He lives under the motto “Away is good, but at home is better.” You will recognize such people by the coziest nest (they invest a lot in the house), by devotion to a career, family, and homeland.
Their values: stability, confidence in the future, forethought, responsibility, practicality, patriotism.
Lifestyle: ensure reliable work, home, comfort, raise children and grandchildren, set ambitious goals and achieve them, go on a planned vacation once or twice a year (usually to the same resort), develop hobbies, watch TV shows, and do self-education …
They criticize: those who have “no stake, no yard”, who by the age of 30 have not achieved success in their careers and family life, who have “the wind in their head”.
“Tumbler-man”, a fidget, a party-goer, a restless traveler, a conscious tramp, a born nomad who is constantly blown away by the wind on new adventures. The anthem of the people of this category “There is nothing better in the world than wandering around the world to friends …”
Values: freedom, movement, spontaneity, novelty, curiosity, openness, creativity, globalism.
Lifestyle: to study a lot, to learn a profession that does not tie to one place (frequent business trips, studies, freelance), travels to new places, maybe single or married with a like-minded person, a lot of friends (although not often communicates with them), tolerance to discomfort …
Criticized: adherents of the “couch” lifestyle, heavy on the rise, conservatives, careerists and lazy.
Of course, this is not a complete list and not a hard template. Indeed, in different people, individual characteristics will differ, but the general trend continues. Looking from the side, and some are right, and the second are not mistaken … So what is the point, why are we so similar, but so different? Only by understanding our nature, we will learn to understand, respect, value, compromise and be useful to each other … Agree? Then let’s go!
Oh, introvert and extrovert! Find your calling!
It is believed that extroverted strollers are walking around the world, and introverts are sitting at home, drinking tea alone. Oh, how human rumor is wrong! Craving for travel is only partially related to the type of temperament, but it is not a decisive factor.

Socionics and psychology reiterate: temperament plays a greater role in social relations, choosing a company than choosing between a “sofa” and “an airplane.” So, in a solo journey, the introvert is not very sociable with strangers, and the extrovert is actively getting acquainted; a comfortable team for an introvert is a couple of close friends, and for an extrovert a large company. At the same time, both the introvert and the extrovert are sedentary, adhering to the position “where they were born, it is useful”, they actively share their energy with others and are fueled by a new one thanks to the belief that two steps away my house is my castle.

Read also: Traveling as psychotherapy

The main task is to understand yourself and those you often contact with, to understand who is typical. It will help in this: routine observation, psychologist and / or tests, games to determine the psychotype. The task is not easy! But such a practice of knowing others will help you better understand yourself, find your calling and learn to understand people. When you determine your temperament, you stop comparing another person with yourself, drive him into your “norms”, you realize that he behaves as his internal nature commands – this is neither good nor bad, it is as it is. You will cease to suffer from insults, from far-fetched problems, cheat yourself and hate the whole world. And the world, in turn, will become supportive and tolerant of you.

Alas, these are questions of a separate conversation, but we are somewhat distracted from the topic. Come back.

Maybe the traveler’s gene is to blame?
Since the type of temperament does not greatly affect the “awliness”, maybe it’s something else? “Forest of hands”, as the school teacher said, when many students raised their hands to be called to the blackboard. So, who wants to speak out?

Psychologists. Observing the so-called “traveler’s syndrome”, psychology is inclined to 2 main reasons for dependence on travel:

Dissatisfaction with the life of the “home”, the search for oneself and the meaning of being.
Craving for intellectual, emotional development.
There are a number of other motives, but they are mainly echoes of the two. And homebodies, as a rule, are shackled either by fears of the unknown, or by the desire to bring the “business” to the end, and not be distracted, sprayed.



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