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Travel alone
The trend of traveling alone is gaining in popularity. It scares many people, one thought about it leads into a stupor, but at the same time many people go on…

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Travel alone

The trend of traveling alone is gaining in popularity. It scares many people, one thought about it leads into a stupor, but at the same time many people go on adventures on their own. They know how to plan the trip themselves, what are the opportunities to save. By their example, they inspire others to such events in life.

If you also want new experiences, new experiences, then in this article we have picked up tips to help on how to travel yourself. For some they will be commonplace, for someone shocking, but they all have a place to be and can come in handy.

1. Exit the comfort zone
First of all, any trip is something new in life. Often this is beyond the ordinary. When you discover new places for yourself, you have the right to do whatever you want and not be dependent on a tourist group. You create your own trip and choose how convenient and comfortable it is. But do not forget about new challenges – communicate with strangers, look for new places without the help of a navigator and maps.

2. Eat like local
Not a single trip can do without food. It is a fact. But try not to hold on to your comfortable habits. Choose the food that the locals eat. Explore the assortment of market stalls, restaurant menus, and street stalls. Someone will say that it is dangerous, that you can be poisoned, but if you are afraid of everything, then there is a chance to miss a lot of tasty opportunities. Of course, you should have a basic set of tablets with you in case of emergency.

You can also get to know the locals and try their food at home. With full immersion in the atmosphere.

3. Meet on the plane
Do not miss the opportunity to make a new acquaintance in the sky. You never know who is sitting in the next chair. And some airlines do provide a special service for dating in flight. For example, Meet & Seat by KLM.

4. Couchsurfing
Thanks to couchsurfing, you will not only make new acquaintances, but you can stay in an incredible place and, for example, have dinner on the roof in Paris with a view of the Champs Elysees.

This method may not be suitable for everyone, but the opportunity to spend free nights and get to know the locals is very attractive. And the growing popularity of this service suggests that it is reliable and safe. Of course, it’s not necessary to carry out the whole trip in this format, but it’s definitely worth a try. Suddenly you will like it, and then you can meet interesting people around the world.

5. Learn languages ​​and expressions
Ideally, it is better to know the language of the country where you are going. But even if you learn simple phrases, for example, “please,“ thank you, ““ yes, ”and“ no, ”it will greatly simplify and help you travel. Do not worry about the pronunciation – you will still be understood.

6. Use local dating
If your friends and acquaintances have already been to these places, then find out all the nuances and interesting places. It’s not difficult to sort out the place and you can walk around popular and popular places. But there are people who know such unusual impressions than the most popular excursion.

And if you get tired of loneliness and want to walk in a group, you can use special services (Meetup.com), where you can get acquainted with both local and same tourists. You can have coffee or get together for a tour or concert.

7. Trust intuition
Very often, our inner voice warns of trouble. It may seem that the street is suspicious, or a stranger causes distrust and discomfort. In such cases, avoid unnecessary risks – do not go into the dark doorways, do not communicate with suspicious people. It makes no sense to make yourself a brave man when you travel alone.

8. Turn on the fantasy
There are times when you should not say that you are alone. You can say that you went for a walk and go to a meeting with friends / wife / husband / parents. It will be a useful life hack for girls to put on a fake engagement ring in some countries. This will avoid a number of unpleasant moments and conversations.

9. Choose crowded places and places
In popular places, locals are more likely to get to know each other. At a minimum, they are used to tourists and many questions. Even if you do not make a new friend, you can find out interesting stories, beautiful places and local secrets, where, for example, the most delicious food or coffee / tea / beer.

10. Pack things wisely
Regardless of the travel format – whether it is a permanent movement or it will be one city / one hotel – do not pick up a lot of things. It may be obvious advice to many, but it often turns out that there is a lot of excess in a suitcase or backpack. And believe me, the last thing you want is to carry around with a huge and heavy suitcase, which is full of excess. In addition, small baggage can save on air travel.

11. Excursions are not scary
Tours should not be neglected at all. In case of lack of time, this option is optimal. You can see the sights and hear about them from an expert.

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