The safest countries for tourists

Every day the streets laugh
The main attraction of Croatia are its cities, each of which is beautiful in its own way. An honorable place among them is Zagreb. Once upon a time there were…

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Religious tourism
Pilgrimage, or a trip with religious purposes, is one of the oldest forms of tourism, which has deep historical roots. One of the first tourists was the medieval pilgrims. Religious…

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Travel alone
The trend of traveling alone is gaining in popularity. It scares many people, one thought about it leads into a stupor, but at the same time many people go on…

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10 places to visit in Australia

Everyone will like Australia: those who seek ordinary relaxation on the ocean, and fans of cultural expeditions, and lovers of wildlife. In this article – the most popular events and places in Australia that you need to consider when you vacation.

1. Sydney
The city of Sydney is the first thing that tourists think about when they travel to this continent. The Sydney Opera House, whose construction was completed in the 1960s, is undoubtedly one of the country’s main cultural icons. Even if you are not a fan of the opera, it is worth a visit – the unique design and excellent acoustics will amaze even tourists not experienced in music. Continue reading

Charvak: antiquity of the mountains

Charvak is an incomparable resort area of ​​amazing beauty – and at the same time it breathes history …

The Charvak reservoir is located on the Chirchik river slightly downstream of the confluence of the Pskem and Chatkal rivers between the spurs of the Ugam and Chatkal ranges of the western Tien Shan.

On the shore of the reservoir there are numerous pensions, recreation areas and children’s summer sports and recreation camps.

Before the construction of the huge dam, where Chatkal and Ugam merge and the Chirchik River is born, there is a large and very ancient village of Khojikent, which means “populated by saints”. Continue reading

Ecotourism in Africa

Many people think that the prefix “eco” in the word eco-tourism comes from the words ecosystem or ecology – and therefore consider the concepts of natural tourism and eco-tourism to be equivalent. However, despite the fact that the roots of eco-tourism can be found in nature tourism, this word has a broader meaning.
The International Society of Ecological Tourism (TIES) defines ecotourism as “a responsible journey to natural areas where the environment remains unchanged and where the lifestyle of the local population is maintained.”

This is the main difference between nature and ecotourism: Aboriginal tribes, their lives benefit from tourism, however, it does not invade their life and does not change it. The UN considers ecotourism not only a segment of the tourism market, but also a whole philosophy. “Ecological” – means oriented towards the environment and society. Continue reading

How to save in Europe

Of course, traveling around Europe is usually not cheap. Nevertheless, millions of our compatriots go there every year. Here are 20 small tips on how to make your vacation in Europe not only enjoyable, but also affordable.
Typical Parisian cafe 1. In the so-called B&B (from the English. Bed & Breakfast – Bed and Breakfast) you can stay at a price half as much as in a regular hotel, without sacrificing your comfort too much. They can be found in almost all countries of Europe. Sometimes they have other names. So, in Germany such inns are called Zimmer, and in Norway – Husrom. Continue reading

Spa Resorts in France

The history of spa tourism in France is rooted in the deep past. Even the ancient Romans knew the healing sources of the Gaul country. In recent times, Emperor Napoleon III, who created the first spa resort in the modern sense of the word, played a key role in the revival of spa business in France.
Ale-les-Bains France is currently the third largest European spa resort after Germany and Italy. Each year, about six hundred thousand tourists visit 115 medical sources of this country. Resorts may not doubt the quality of the services provided here: all water sources and resorts are under the constant supervision of the French government.
Of course, it is impossible to tell about all the spa resorts in France in one article. Therefore, we confine ourselves to a brief overview of those resorts that experts recognize as the best. Continue reading

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Every day the streets laugh
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