The safest countries for tourists

Travels that improve brain function and productivity
Like the whole body, our brain is able to get tired. There are many options to enhance its performance. I will talk about one of the most enjoyable - travels…

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In February 2013, the Israeli authorities greatly simplified and accelerated the procedure for entering the country. The new system works successfully and concerns not only incoming tourists, but also Israeli…

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Croatia is a bright and sunny way ....
Tell me, have you ever been to Croatia? Not?! What did you do before! Pack your bags quickly and get to Croatia. After all, she is waiting for you! Croatia…

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Traveling with children: 7 proven tips

Traveling with children is a little scary – it doesn’t matter if you are traveling for the first time or for the tenth. Every time there is excitement and fear of missing something. The following tips will help prepare for an unforgettable family vacation, they are tested on personal experience and help to avoid stress before the trip. Some items relate to toddlers, and some to older children.

1. Choose a vacation option
Perhaps you want to spend a week on the beach and enjoy the sea in plenty? Or maybe you want to see a new city? Preparation should begin by defining your desires. It is important to consider the interests of all family members, including the youngest. Continue reading

Usefully travel: to places of nature forces of Ukraine

At least once you felt like you were in the bosom of God? For no apparent reason, an all-encompassing sense of complete security, serenity, tranquility, peace and great inner happiness? As if melted and merged with the outside world? It seems that nothing happened, has not changed, and the pulse quickens, the face breaks into a smile … If so – remember when and where it was – you may have found a place of energy power!

If such experiences did not happen or arose, but are associated with other obvious reasons – also good. After all, now you are familiar with these cues, indicating a priceless treasure for spiritual and physical development. It is only necessary to be attentive to intuition, to listen to yourself.

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The Gene of Adventurism: To Whom to Travel, and Who Should Be Hard to Rise

“A man, like a tree, he is from here and nowhere else,” wise Boris Grebenshchikov sang.

“The people created an exact and figurative word, and gave it a well-meaning figurative meaning:“ tumbleweed ”is an unsociable, restless person, unable to find a haven anywhere, an eternal wanderer,” said the scientist and writer Eduard Vartanyan.

These types of people often oppose each other, do not understand each other, cannot find a common language and compromise … They, like “owls” and “larks”, each lives in his own tunnel of reality and only in them is comfortable – every sandpiper praises his swamp . Continue reading

Travel alone

The trend of traveling alone is gaining in popularity. It scares many people, one thought about it leads into a stupor, but at the same time many people go on adventures on their own. They know how to plan the trip themselves, what are the opportunities to save. By their example, they inspire others to such events in life.

If you also want new experiences, new experiences, then in this article we have picked up tips to help on how to travel yourself. For some they will be commonplace, for someone shocking, but they all have a place to be and can come in handy. Continue reading

The phenomenon of Caucasian hospitality

They collected the suitcase, took the passport, left the keys for the neighbor to water the aloe and feed the cat … on vacation! Perfectly! But it’s interesting, have you ever wondered what you expect from a vacation? Just relax, take a selfie near famous sights, try foreign cuisine? Then you have a way to tourist places. But if you want to feel the soul of the country, to see the local flavor, to touch on unique traditions – this, my friend, you will not find in the resort. For authenticity you need to go on a visit.

– Yes, yes, so they are waiting for us there! – the reader will skeptically skimp.

Waiting somewhere, but not waiting somewhere. Only now there are places where “the uninvited guest is worse than the Tatar”, but there are places in which they believe that “the guest is from God.” The second proverb from time immemorial to this day on the lips of the peoples of the Caucasus. It is their phenomenal hospitality that will be dedicated to this article. Continue reading

The little heart of Tallinn
Travels are moments of life that you always want to extend. It doesn’t matter where you go: by plane, bus or even on foot. The main thing is an internal…


Valaam Island
“The pearl of the Russian North” and the Republic of Karelia has long been called the island of Valaam. With all the beatiness and banality of this metaphor, it nevertheless…


"Come here!" Conscious Tourism VS Overtourism
Traveling is my passion. I often speak and write about how useful it is to be a wanderer: to open unprecedented horizons, experience new sensations, touch the history of other…


Traveling with children: 7 proven tips
Traveling with children is a little scary - it doesn't matter if you are traveling for the first time or for the tenth. Every time there is excitement and fear…