The safest countries for tourists

The Gene of Adventurism: To Whom to Travel, and Who Should Be Hard to Rise
“A man, like a tree, he is from here and nowhere else,” wise Boris Grebenshchikov sang. “The people created an exact and figurative word, and gave it a well-meaning figurative…

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Spa Resorts in France
The history of spa tourism in France is rooted in the deep past. Even the ancient Romans knew the healing sources of the Gaul country. In recent times, Emperor Napoleon…

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Budapest Hotels
The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful capitals of Eastern and Central Europe. This city is surprisingly rich in museums, outstanding architectural monuments, festivals.…

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Colombia for tourists

Colombia definitely cannot be called the safest country, so here a tourist should always be on the alert. Only a few years ago, this country was considered “the most dangerous in the world” and “the world capital of kidnapping”. In recent years, the situation has changed for the better, however, some risks still remain. Whatever you do, do not let rumors and urban legends lead you out of a state of mental equilibrium. Although upon arrival in Colombia, you will feel that the security situation is much better here than they say.


Despite the fact that the threat of terrorist attacks has become less pronounced in many Colombian cities, crime here, however, is kept at a fairly high level. Robberies and other crimes, like scams involving unsuspecting tourists, are common in cities. In general, if you become a victim of a robbery, you have no choice but to obey the circumstances. Continue reading

Switzerland and Austria: hot vacations in winter and summer

Most Petersburgers, tired of our constant cold and rain, tend to spend their holidays “where it is warm”: in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia or Cyprus. There are many other, more expensive options – what exactly to choose depends only on the ingenuity and financial capabilities of a particular family. And, most interestingly, wealthy people most often do not want to change the cold to unbearable heat, but prefer to relax in the heart of Europe – in Switzerland or Austria.
Austria is best suited for a quiet family vacation, because Austrian resorts and hotels are focused primarily on the reception of families with children. Holidays in Switzerland are already something more exclusive and respectable. On lakes and thermal resorts in Switzerland, castle-style hotels in the Middle Ages, Renaissance cathedrals, picturesque landscapes, snowy peaks of the Alps and other romance are waiting for guests. But the organization of family leisure here is clearly inferior to the Austrian. Continue reading

The little heart of Tallinn

Travels are moments of life that you always want to extend. It doesn’t matter where you go: by plane, bus or even on foot.
The main thing is an internal feeling of joy, a premonition of new discoveries, interesting acquaintances and fateful meetings. Christmas travel is always of great interest to tourists. This is a fairy tale that is remembered all year.
We do not hesitate to pack our bags, take good friends with us and hit the road. Today, we invite you to visit medieval Tallinn. Alluring and brooding …. A fabulous city of childhood, which you always want to return to.
Imagine that snow is falling, stars are shining in the sky, and you are walking in the old city. In Tallinn, you need to make dates, confess your love, make a marriage proposal. But let’s start our journey from the very beginning.
The best decision for your trip is up to you. Bus tours, train, plane, ferry … The choice is always up to the tourist. It is possible that you want to combine a visit to the Estonian capital with a vacation in other places. It is possible. Travel companies will offer you a large number of options. However, you yourself will be able to cope with this task. The most economical offer is a bus tour. Be prepared for the fact that in the winter season you will need to come to terms with some features of bus travel: snowy roads, early twilight, etc. Continue reading

Amazing Santo Domingo

The private Aura Beach, located outside the city, is not even close to what you imagine when you think about the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Sun loungers here do not stand in rows, and there is no struggle for a better place. Each place is as comfortable as the neighboring one. Unlike the island resorts of this region, here – literally a stone’s throw from Santo Domingo, there really is a place where you can just soak up the sun for hours on end.

Before dawn, you can have dinner with pasta with seafood, which will be served directly to your personal deck chair, standing at the very edge of the ocean. Where, if not here, you can taste the sophisticated bliss of decadence. Continue reading


In February 2013, the Israeli authorities greatly simplified and accelerated the procedure for entering the country. The new system works successfully and concerns not only incoming tourists, but also Israeli citizens.

The essence of the innovation is that now when you cross the border, instead of the entry stamp in your passport, you get a special ticket. An Israeli migration officer scans your passport, reading the data: photo, name, surname, passport number, date and time of entry into the country. All information is transferred to the ticket. But that is far from all. Each ticket has a unique bar code in which your personal data is encrypted, as well as information that is important for the migration service, for example, violations, such as unpaid fines or recorded illegal activities. Continue reading

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